There is not enough! Not enough time, not enough money, and not enough love.

If you have been feeling like there is “not enough” or that “there will never be enough”, then you could be suffering from a scarcity mindset.

A scarcity mindset is the perception that there is not enough in the world, and that we need to hold on (for dear life) to the things and money in our life. A scarcity mindset can be the cause of much anxiety, fear, stress, and desperation in a person’s life. Ultimately, the conundrum with this mindset is that it limits us from receiving more.

We want more. I do, anyway. I definitely invite more love, money, time, freedom, security, etc.. in my life.

But, by gripping to what I have, I prevent myself from receiving more. A scarcity mindset prevents us from activating the Laws of Reciprocity and Attraction in our lives.

Here are some key things you can do to release yourself from a scarcity mindset:

1. Identify you have a scarcity mindset

At first glance it may not seem apparent that scarcity is plaguing your life (especially if you have kids and you feel like all you do is give, give, give). But, by taking a closer look at your innermost feelings toward the world and how it works, you can easily identify where scarcity lives in your life.

Ask yourself these questions (and answer honestly):

~Do you take things too seriously and often think that the worst is about to happen?
~Do you believe that the world/Universe will run out of resources or money?
~Do you feel like you are constantly battling time and/or running out of time?
~Do you think that you will never get ahead and you will continue to hit setback after setback?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be experiencing the limitation of scarcity. Identifying the source of this mindset in your life is the best way to begin creating a new way of thinking and being.

2. Discover Gratitude

Sometimes when we are feeling stuck in a scarcity form of thinking it   can be difficult to make a jump straight to the idea that the world, life, and you can become abundant.

Gratitude is the first step on pathway to get you from scarcity to abundance.

The best way to identify gratitude (especially if you are feeling down and out and like there is nothing to be grateful for), is to start writing down some of the small, simple, and basic things you are grateful for.

Follow this process and repeat as needed:

Begin listing all the things you can think of to be grateful for. If you are really having a hard time identifying things, begin with what you know.  For example, you might be grateful for your feet (they do work hard you know).  Or if you don’t have feet, maybe you are grateful for your sense of sight, smell, touch, taste or hearing? Identify as many things as you can on this list.

As you go through the list, notice when you actually begin to feel grateful. Perhaps after writing just a few words you notice feeling lighter and more grateful.

When the list feels complete, sit for a moment in the feeling of gratitude and pretend that the gratitude is a signal of how rich you are. And allow yourself to feel the richness of your life.

3. Break the cycle of scarcity

If you want to stop the cycle of lack in your life, the best way to begin living in a new way is to start giving.

“You receive through the same doorway through which you give.  The way to receive freely is to give freely. Quality is more important than quantity, since the universe amplifies thought into circumstance.  Begin giving, and let God perfect your giving.” ~ Brad Jensen

The act of giving signals the “more-than-enough mindset.”  It signals abundance. When you’re in a state of giving (and you are doing it willingly) you’re telling others and yourself that there is plenty; that there is more than enough for everyone.

This is a powerful statement in your consciousness, to others in your life, and to the Universe.

Here is the key to breaking the cycle: Give from where you are.

No one said that you have to give everything away to signal generosity and giving.  Simply stated, give from where you are – right now.
~If you can give $5 to someone who needs it, then give.
~If you can give time to someone who needs it, then give.
~If you can give, then give.

We all have something to offer this world and the people in our lives. Discover the place scarcity is most dominating your life, and give from that place.
~If you are constantly feeling hungry for love, give love.
~If you are drained and feeling devoid of time, give time.
~If you are stressed and feeling desperate for money, give money.

Remember what the The Law of Reciprocity states:  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  This law is often referred to as The Law of Action and Reaction.

Similarly, The Law of Compensation states: “For every action given, taken, or done, there will be an equal and just compensation.” In layman’s language, this same law is commonly stated as:  “What goes around comes around”.

Open yourself to the doorway of abundance through giving, and give up on your scarce ways.

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By Kaileen Sherk
Host of the Silva Life System, Life Coach, NLP Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Product Development Specialist. Kaileen lives the Silva Lifestyle and writes for Silva from her home in Sydney AU.