Jose Silva

Jose Silva is credited with developing modern day dynamic meditation. A self-educated man, he faced harsh criticism as he stood up for what is now one of the biggest breakthroughs in the human mind, intuition, and personal development. At a time when talking about mind control created a lot of fear and skepticism, Jose did not falter. He pursued research into mental states of mind, and he began creating specific mind tools and exercises that would allow a person to enter the Alpha and Theta levels while awake and tap into hidden reservoirs of intuition, creativity, and healing.

At first, Silva used his techniques, which he called “The Silva Method,” to help his children improve their grades, boost their intuition, improve their creativity, increase their IQs, and sharpen their memories.

Word spread fast. Silva’s techniques continued to evolve, and within months he was training people in his community, then across the country, and eventually across the world.

Today over 5 decades later, The Silva Method has evolved with modern research and continues to provide the best technologies in personal growth

Since Jose Silva passed away in 1999, The Silva Method has been led by his, Children.