75% of our bodies are made of Water. Ever wondered if thoughts had an effect on water?

There has been some interesting research done by Dr. Masuru Emoto, which was conducted on crystals of frozen water.  The results are rather shocking.  As it turns out, thought, sound, words, and prayer have an effect on the water itself.

Using a device called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA), Dr. Emoto found that each substance has its own magnetic resonance field.  Now, how does this apply to us?  Well, remember how humans are made primarily of water.  Knowing that each substance has its own magnetic resonance field may be the key to making fresh discoveries about the human body and even understanding illness and disease.

This research exemplifies the power of positive and negative thinking.  If thoughts and words have an effect on water crystals, imagine the effect that would be carried onto us.

Have a look at this Silva Report on Dr. Emoto’s discoveries.  The research is ground breaking and is directly applicable to your lives.



Better and Better,

Silva Team