Dream Control Technique

The alpha level is for dreaming: for dreams at night, and also for “daydreams.” Therefore, it is worth our time to learn about dreams, since we want to learn more about the alpha level, and gain more control in the alpha dimension.

silva method dream control

There are many benefits to learning more about our dreams, our dream states, and our dream images. Not only will you develop more skill of alpha functioning, but you can improve your life in many ways through the control and use of the dream state.

We all Have Dreams

Scientists assure us that everyone dreams, though not everyone remembers those dreams. A person may not recall dreams for many reasons: perhaps nightmares frightened a child, and it became easier not to recall any dreams at all. Or perhaps that “voice within” is calling to a person through dreams, but the person does not want to listen, and shuts off dream recall.

You can learn to remember several dreams every night by following the Silva Method mental procedure for Dream Control. Remember to begin slowly, learning to recall one dream a night before progressing to recalling several dreams each night.

What do Dreams Mean?

What do your dreams mean? This is something you can learn through practice and through the study of the most interesting person in the world: You.

We each have our own unique experience in this life, and so each of us adopts unique patterns of symbolic expression of the events of our lives. You can learn what symbolic expressions you have programmed into your “bio-computer” by keeping a dream log or dream diary.

When you awaken with a dream, write down a brief account of what the dream is about. In the morning, enter your level, and write out a more detailed account of the dream. Be sure to write it down as soon as you have it – transfer it to the physical dimension, or you risk losing the memory of it.

After writing down your dream, enter your level and ask yourself, “How could this dream relate to what has been happening in my life?” This will help you to understand the symbolism you use, and over a period of time, you will gain so much understanding that you will interpret very rapidly.

This can be one of the most effective exercises you will ever do to assist you in understanding yourself better, and your purpose in this world.

It seems to be important to experience normal sleep and dream cycles each night. It might be important because it gives us an opportunity to file information away at other dimensions.

Now for the ultimate step: controlling dreams, and using them to solve problems.

Solve Problems while Dreaming

Besides the obvious benefits of ensuring that you have only the kind of dreams you desire, and using your dream time to explore your memory banks and inner conscious levels to give you creative answers to problems, you will derive other benefits. You will develop greater control of the alpha dimension, and you will develop more skill in creating and controlling images within this dimension.

If you experience nightmares, then use the techniques you have learned to eliminate them. At your level, acknowledge the problem, and say: “I had this nightmare; I don’t like it; I don’t want to have it every again…” and so forth to eliminate nightmares.

It appears that we each have a minimum of four sleep and dream cycles each night, each cycle lasting about ninety minutes. This gives us ample opportunities to utilize dreams and thus benefit in many ways. The earlier sleep and dream cycles are the deepest and have short dream periods. Later cycles are much lighter and have longer dream periods. By programming yourself, you can awaken at the ideal time to recall your dreams. If you awaken too early, there is no dream, if you awaken in the middle of the dream, you may be confused, but when you awaken near the end of a dram, you can remember and understand it.

So if you do not have enough time during the day to do all that you want to do, learn to use a portion of your sleep time to get more done.

What was the latest dream about… share your stories below :)

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team