In Laredo we tend to eat a lot of breakfast tacos. Which are absolutely delicious, the options are endless and they are extremely convenient to make and eat, but tacos are full of empty calories that don’t benefit us at all. Each one is like 300 calories a pop.

We wanted to find an easy way to make a healthy and scrumptious alternative breakfast item that will keep you energized through out your day and provide you with nutritional benefits.  Here is our recipe for “Toasted Love”.

Ingredients and their benefits:

16 ea.: Blueberries or Strawberries


~High in antioxidants
~Similar to cranberries, blueberries can prevent urinary-tract infections (UTI’s)
~Contains anthocyanins which lowers blood pressure.
~1 cup = 80 Calories
~Packed with Vitamin C
~High in fiber
~Excellent source of manganese

~Packed with Vitamin C
~Great source of potassium
~High in antioxidants
~Reduced Cholesterol levels
~Helps control blood pressure
~Can help prevent strokes
~High in Fiber

1 TBSP —> Plain Greek Yogurt
~Contains probiotics that promote proper digestion, absorbs nutrition and boosts the immune system.
~Can be used as a healthy substitute for sour cream, heavy cream, mayonnaise and/or cream cheese.

1/4 TBSP —> Cinnamon
~Can lower your bad cholesterol
~Lowers blood sugar levels
~Anti-clotting effect on the blood.
~It is a natural preservative
~Fights the E. coli bacteria
~Helps stabilize blood sugar

1 Slice —> Wheat Bread
~You can use any kind you desire. We used a simple whole wheat bread.

1 tsp Honey (optional)
~You can use any kind you desire. We used natural organic honey.
~Minimizes seasonal allergies
~Fights Infections

1/2 TBSP —> Homemade Granola
~Maintains blood sugar control
~Lowers blood cholesterol level
~High in fiber
~The almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, which increases brain activity.
~Reduce Heart Attack Risk
~Promotes weight loss
~Keeps you full ; )

Lets put it together:
1. Toast your bread to your desired doneness.
2. Spread the Greek Yogurt on the toast evenly
3. Sprinkle the homemade granola over the yogurt
4. Toss some blueberries or strawberries over the granola. Now, you don’t have to be neat about it. For the photo we arranged blueberries and strawberries to be aesthetically pleasing.
5. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon ; )
6. Enjoy
Do you have a healthy “go to” recipe? If so, share it with us. We love and welcome new ideas and advice.


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