Every person has a story of their own. Some people have lived a life full of happiness, while others have gone through tragedy of some sort. But no story is better than the other and no matter how sad or happy your life has been, there is always some lesson we learn from it. Every person goes through obstacles in their lives but in order to get something good out of it, we have to learn what they mean and how we can become better from them.

Here are three ways to use your story to find your calling in life:

1. Tell your story. Take the time to write your story or share it with someone. It is a way to recognize your deepest pain points, your greatest strength and can be healing for your soul. Finding meaning in your wounds will help you release pain and go to the next level in having your life be felt purposeful. We have to realize that we are not alone, all of us having things to work on and get through.

2. Decide what is important to you. Ask yourself if building your career, finding love, or something else is your priority in life. Being connected to what is important to you will bring you some peace and direction into your life. Find ways of helping yourself become better by eating healthy, meditating, or other forms you find helpful. Pick an area of your life that needs work in oder to get started. Making small changes in your life can make a big impact in your well-being. Allow yourself to feel the success of change in your life.

3. Create a shift in perception. If you go through some challenge in your life you can either accept your story or situation and use it as a lesson, or reject it and take the role of a victim. Your story does not define you, but your out-take on it defines your pathway. Turning your wounds into strength is the best you can do to live a positive and meaningful life.

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