We make subconscious decisions, all day throughout our day all the time – from where we place a flower vase to what we wear on a given day. A good bulk of us select the colors in our environment subconsciously. An important thing to remember is to be mindful because the colors you subconsciously select are fueled by your emotions. A simple and powerful way to change a grumpy moody is to brighten up your life with the use of color. If you want to consciously shift your mood then make a conscious color choice.

We’ve put together a wardrobe combination of pastel and neutral colors in with some gold accents in order to deliberately create a shift in our mood and enhance a desired feeling.

Pastels, like soft pinks, encourage calm feelings and can help manage stress because of the soft, soothing nature of the colors Soft pink is also the color of unconditional love which transcends judgment and criticism. Introducing this color into your wardrobe is a great reminder that it IS ok to be vulnerable and indulge a little.

Neutral colors, like gray, indicate intelligence, wisdom, effectiveness, composure and fair judgment. Gray is a color related to excellence, straight-forwardness and professionalism. Wearing this color will trigger decisions based on rationality rather than emotion.

Gold is a color commonly associated with prosperity, luxury and prestige. The golden color implies wealth and affluence. Most of all, by adding gold accents to your wardrobe you illuminate and enhance other things around it. This color also displays optimism and positivity, two of our favorite things.

Becoming more mindful of your color choices and consciously altering the way you use colors in your life is an easy way to shift your mood and generate a desired outcome.

Tell us a little bit about the colors you’re drawn to. Have you used color to intentionally change your environment?