Everyone goes through their ups and downs in their lives. Sometimes bad situations happen and they seem to leave scars that remain with us. When we lose a loved one, when we get hurt by someone we care about, or when we feel we have failed at something important, it seems to cause a pain that we take with us throughout the years.

The only way to overcome that situation is to try to see the positive side and to try to make the best of it with what we’ve got. In other words, fixing the crack. Sometimes we do not have many resources but just the fact that we try our best, the results will turn out much better than if we get stuck with something and let it remain in us.

At our Silva office, we noticed a crack on the bathroom mirror and our graphic designer, Juan, made the best out of it with the resources available to him. He turned the big crack into a beautiful cherry blossom painting. Just like this example, whenever something goes wrong in your life try to fix it with something positive, living an optimistic life. It is important to never lose hope and put our effort into switching from negativity to positivity in every situation we encounter.

How do you mend the unexpected cracks in your life… Any Advice?