Often times when we are presented with a social event, such as a birthday party, a trip with friends, Thanksgiving dinner, among others, we automatically start thinking about what could go wrong when the event approaches.

There are thoughts going in our head such as, “It will probably be a very awkward evening” or “I am sure I will feel uncomfortable with so and so”. They are very common thoughts when it comes to socializing and they are part of our insecurity and negativity.

But the first step into counteracting those thoughts in order to have a good time, is awareness. Maybe you’ve had those thoughts in your head every time a social situation occurs but you hadn’t notice. If you do not change your negative thoughts, you will bring that energy wherever you go, causing tension or a negative vibe to the party.

Well now that you are aware, every time those thoughts come into mind you can change them to some positive feelings and ideas in order to change the outcome.

Before arriving to the event, you can shift your thoughts, starting with positive statements such as “This party will be fun and I am going to enjoy it”. In this way, you are already manifesting the moment into a positive one. At least on your part, the time you spend at the event will be an enjoyable one.

Think happy!