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Participate in life changing events that help you overcome obstacles and live your life’s purpose!

For 50 years we’ve been hosting a variety of Silva programs across the world.

In our live seminars, you’ll experience our trademark in-depth and personalized training system in an atmosphere of lively exchange and experiential learning with people from all walks of life. Take a meditative retreat with a Silva Seminar and get results faster!

Level 1

Silva Life System

Experience the power of modern day ‘active’ meditation in a dynamic group of like-minded people!

Our flagship live seminar, The Silva Life System (SLS) is your foundation for a richer life, giving you the tools to calm your self, tune out every-day static, and open the untapped power of your mind. In this prerequisite course, you will learn the core techniques in guided imagery and focused awareness that will help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and fulfill your potential.

Level 2

Silva Intuition System

Connect to your own internal guidance system, your intuition, to create a new reality for yourself.

The second flagship live seminar, Silva Intuition System (SIS), trains you to recognize and work with your intuition. Learning to trust your inner voice enables you to receive that brilliant hunch, that sudden insight, which logic alone cannot provide, putting you in the right place at the right time.

Level 3

Silva Mind Body Healing

Contact the driving force behind all healing, the Mind!

Worldwide, millions of people are exploring the phenomenon known as mind-body healing. They are ready to take their health and well-being into their own hands, to go beyond conventional medications and procedures.

Level 4

Silva Manifesting

Manifest your dreams!

Whether it’s a desire to defy physical limitations, push the boundaries of imagination, or just beat the odds, stories abound of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. People do manifest desires out of thin air. Conventional thinking may call it luck, but at Silva we hold a bigger picture. We understand the role that intention plays in shaping what we experience as ‘reality’. This is what is at the core of ‘manifesting’.