Omar Jaled Mustafá Chama


Director of Brazil


Certified Silva Method Instructor


Certified Silva Success Coach

Presents the Silva Method in South America in Spanish & Portuguese in Brasil, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

A veteran Silva Method Instructor and Director, Omar was a counselor on the Silva World Academic Council, he has been a featured speaker at numerous Silva Method International Conventions, he has promoted global holistic healing projects and seminars of humanitarian aid in several countries, sponsored by Silva International.

Omar Jaled Mustafa Chama was first introduced to the Silva Method for over thirty years, and his life has changed for the better ever since. He was invited to become an instructor, and today is the current Director of the International Silva to South America, thanks to the confidence bestowed by Laura Silva, daughter of Jose Silva, founder of Silva Method Life (originally in English).

Omar grows in the area of Psycho-orientologia, giving courses and seminars based on the Silva Method. Omar is also one of the leaders in personal coaching “Silva Style”.

His work has allowed him to meet thousands of people who have taught themselves how to live a life they design. According to him, “The Silva Method always shows us a technique, a way of acting and then we developed this process of fantastic, spectacular way, because we have this possibility, and because there are no limits … You can transform your life.”