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Pat Arnould


Pat Arnould

Certified Silva Success Coach (CSSC)
Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI)

Silva Instructor Pat ArnouldPat was guided to the Silva Mind Control Method (as it was called then) in quite an interesting way. As she thinks of it now she realizes it was “divine intervention”. She took her first Silva Class in April 1979 with Roy and Maree Proctor. The Proctors had a Center in New Orleans and had on-going activities.

In August 1979 she took the Graduate Level Class. Pat went to New Orleans at least once a month thereafter to attend classes and other graduate activities. She facilitated a cottage group in Baton Rouge.

While a senior in high-school, Pat had set a long-range goal of becoming a CPA, however, as time went on Pat thought she was too old to attend college and had put the goal aside. The Silva Method class changed her perspective. Silva helped her to overcome fears and to become a more positive person. Since the first Silva Class Pat has had many interesting experiences and opportunities.

Pat was raised in South Louisiana and now lives in Baton Rouge. Her mother instilled in her a strong faith in the Great Spirit. The practice of going to treaters/faith healers was second nature to Pat. She was always intrigued by the things that happened or materialized just because. The “just because” is what guided her to the Silva Mind Control Method. Pat first saw the quarter page advertisement in the Sunday Advocate for an introduction to the class. After attending the introduction she decided she wanted to share the advertisement with some family members. She searched the paper for the quarter page advertisement to no avail. She finally found the ad in the classified section, a regular size (1 ¼”) advertisement.

After the Silva training Pat realized that her only limitations were those she imposed on herself. She went to college as a non-traditional student, completed her Accounting Degree in 1985, her MBA in 1991 and passed the CPA exam in 1993. In 1998 she started a Ph.D. in Public Policy. Pat was instrumental in establishing a non-profit association for American Indian education and an annual Indian youth leadership camp. Pat enjoys a very exciting life and loves to learn. She also loves to share her positive way of thinking with others. She has practiced the Silva techniques for 29 years. Pat is “Better and Better, everyday in every way.”

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