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Kaykhosrow (Kain) Samiya


Kaykhosrow (Kain) Samiya

Certified Silva Success Coach (CSSC)
Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI)

Kain Samiya holds B.S. in Computer Science & Mathematics and MS in Computer Engineering from Iowa State Un. In his career he has served as Vice President of one of the top 10 Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. for 12 years.
Kain was very much into the physical world activities in the early stages of his life. He was doing such things as scuba diving, flying planes, climbing, running… In 1991 he found the Silva Method course, which changed his entire life’s focus into spiritual activities. For about three months Kain went into his own shell and meditated using the Silva Method. It was during this time that he found his true spirituality, and a new sense of purpose.
Kain got to meet Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, during his monthly trips to Dallas in 1995, and formed a bond and friendship with him. He gained a lot of insight and knowledge from the master, and was privileged to know him and learn from him.
In 1996, Silva Intl. held a worldwide “Success Contest”.Kain became the grand prizewinner of that contest, mainly because of all the successes he had obtained from the use of the techniques and He was invited to speak at the Silva’s 30th anniversary convention in Amarillo, Texas. Kain has received Silva’s “Special Achievement” awards during the 1997-2000 Silva Intl. Conventions, and has been presenting workshops during the annual Silva Intl. Convention. In 2001, Kain was recognized with a “Special Project” award and the “Alpha Business” award. In 2006, Kain received the “Highest Achievement Award” during Silva’s 40th anniversary convention. These are indications of Kain commitment to betterment of humanity.
Kain became the first “Spiritual Healing” instructor, personally trained by Jose Silva, two weeks prior to his transitioning in 1999. He was also the editor of the ESP Newsletter, which was the publication of the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology, a non-profit organization, setup by Jose Silva. Kain also founded, and organized the last three Faith Healing conventions, in Laredo,TX. Kain is a Silva Master and has been conducting classes at each of the Silva Master’s Conferences since 2002. Kain is the Director of Silva for most of the Central Asia and is a Certified Silva Success Coach.
Kain is currently authorized to train people in the Silva Life Systems (SLS), Silva Intuition Systems (SIS), Silva Manifesting, Silva Mind-Body Healing, Silva Children’s, Silva Graduate (GLS), Silva Spiritual Healing, and the Ultra courses. In addition to the above, Kain put together a new Silva course called the “Self-Healing”, which is being taught throughout the world. Kain has produced three CD/DVD sets for Self-Healing, Ultra and Quantum Success.
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