Dinko Grigorov



Email: dinko@silvamethod.uk.com


Dinko is originally from Bulgaria. He started with the Silva method in 2004 when he was in college and it helped him a lot with studying and taking his exams. Then he realised the Silva Method can help to achieve anything in life. He started inspiring his family and friends to become Silva method graduates and decided he wanted to become a Silva Method instructor to help people to change their lives.
In 2009 Dinko moved to UK to learn English and followed his dream to become a Silva method instructor.
Dinko’s Silva teachers have been: Stoyan Lalovsky, Panagiotis Metaxatos, Karin Barnes, Lee Pascoe.
In 2020 he completed the Instructor Training course and got certified as a Silva Method Instructor.
He shall start teaching Silva courses (in Bulgarian) in the UK in 2021.

Courses and events:
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Dinko Grigorov


Phone : +44 7719 222 312

Email : dinko@silvamethod.uk.com

Website : http://www.silvamindfulness.co.uk