You may have heard the saying, “Don’t go to bed angry.” We typically think of that as being applicable to relationship problems, but it is great advice to live by no matter what you’re going through, whether it has anything to do with a relationship or not.

Going to bed angry or upset causes sleep disturbances and more than likely, your mind will IMMEDIATELY fire up that same topic the instant you wake up. What a lousy way to start the day!

You CAN go to bed happy, no matter what is going on around you. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

  1. Do your best in everything you do – in other words, make the best choices, mindfully and with an eye on the consequences. You cannot control other people or circumstances, but you can always, always control your reaction, words, choices and behaviors.
  1. Get out of your own head. Helping others takes the focus off your own troubles. Not only will you feel good while you’re helping but you can go to bed knowing that you DO make a difference.
  1. Nourish your body with the best available foods. Food is actually a powerful drug. Everything you eat causes some sort of physical reaction so if you find yourself excessively moody, lethargic, jittery or unwell, turn to your diet for answers.
  1. Exercise daily (even a brisk 15 minute walk twice a day will do wonders for you). There’s nothing like the endorphin rush to make you feel good – and exercise will also release any pent-up stress, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  1. Sleep is important. Happiness promotes good sleep!

    Sleep is important. Happiness promotes good sleep!

    Talk it out. If you’re having a conflict with someone, do your best to amicably resolve it as quickly as possible. There is NO point in holding grudges (you are the only one who is affected by you holding a grudge!). You really can’t sleep well if you’re upset or angry. If you can’t resolve the situation quickly, tell yourself, “I know that answers will come to me and I will be relaxed so I can receive those answers.”

  1. Think about your goals. Turn your thoughts to positive things like what you really want out of life. This is not only a great go-to when you’re upset, but actually stimulates your brain to go and find the resources to make this dream happen!
  1. Practice gratitude. EVERY DAY. In fact, end each day with words of thanks – especially for the adversities you’re dealing with. Don’t just say “thanks for the financial struggles” but add WHY. What are you learning? How are you being forced to change, for the better? You may have to dig for the benefits, but truly, they are there!
  1. Set your intention to go to bed happy every night. If something is in the way of that intention, do your best to resolve it as quickly as you can, and again if you can’t, tell yourself that answers and solutions ARE coming to you and you just have to relax and allow them.

Good night and sweet dreams!

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team