Ever wonder how we happen to reach the right person at the right time and how their lives transforms after that?

Something similar happened a couple of days back. Celisa called me and we had a very honest conversation.

Celisa then wrote about what happened to her after the call. Celisa’s story is not only inspiring, but also presents how nothing really stops you from striving to achieve what you set out to:

life-changing“It’s Celisa from the other night’s conference call. I would first like to say how blessed I was that I got to talk to Laura. THE Laura Silva Quesada! That was so incredible! Anyways, there were a lot of other things that I wanted to say but given the time restraint, I held back. I mentioned in the call that I had gone back to college but what I didn’t mention is the fact that all of my education is being payed for! Not one dime is coming out of my own pocket! I had always been a little weary of college life because I had heard all these stories about people having outrageous debts and loans to take care of and on top of all that, I just didn’t think  was smart enough. After the “mirror of the mind” technique my desire to be that successful person I know I was always meant to be just sort of took over! I figured that cash wasn’t just going to literally fall out of the sky but the more I concentrated on that image of me being all that I ever wanted to be, doors started opening up all around. I never realized how many grants and scholarships are really out there! Thank goodness for the people who sincerely want to help others get educated!

The whole school thing is only part of it. I’m 27 and had already been seriously struggling with alcohol and drugs. I had a very good job but was incredibly stressed all the time and so I would turn to my expensive habit of crystal meth or cocaine and liquor to forget any responsibilities I had. By the time I came around to remembering, I would be completely broke. I had no control.

At the beginning of last summer I realized I didn’t want to be this destructive person I saw in the mirror anymore. I wanted to change. I forgot what it meant to have purpose or to dream or to wake up not needing an “upper.” I started looking up things like prayer and meditation on the internet and came across names like Jose Silva and Burt Goldman. They had very interesting concepts, I thought. Definitely not the usual “fire and brimstone!” bit. I was tired of being scared of getting sent to hell. I needed some help here! Burt looked like a nice man so I read what he had to say and that introduced me to the Silva Method.

Since I started the Silva Life System phenomenal things have happened. I learned to shift my entire focus or perspective on positive things. I cut back on my drug use a great deal by the time I started the program but the urge was still very much there. By then I had gained quite a few pounds because I was replacing drugs with food. Needless to say, that didn’t sit too well with me when I actually saw how much weight I had gained! So I began walking a mile a day, then walking half a mile and jogging half a mile. Scott, today I walk one mile and run two miles every single day and I feel FANTASTIC! School is breeze, I think clearly than ever, I’m not stressed or worried about anything and best of all, I’m sober and I love it!

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team