Additionally, the activities we engage in may not involve regular work effort for some of our essen­tial muscles such as the heart. Then occasionally we are called upon to exert the heart or other such or­gan too much and we strain it or exhaust it with resulting damage.

To maintain the heart and other essential muscles in proper tone and strength and to keep our meta­bolism in proper balance most of us need to repetitively perform patterns of physical activity supple­mentary to our work needs.

We need to physically exercise regularly. How much? At least once each day we ought to work our heart muscle sufficiently to keep it strong and in healthy con­dition. A formula of practical use for most of us is to rapidly walk or otherwise move the body sufficiently and rapidly enough to raise the heart rate in beats per minute to three-quarters of the difference between 220 and your age in years.

For me this becomes 3/4  x (220-60)= 120 beats per minute. If this is done by high-stepping rapidly or by stepping up onto- and’ down-off a step-stool? approximately a foot   high, it takes only a few minutes at most to get the heart beat up to this safe elevated rate and give the heart the exercise it needs.

To maintain other muscles in good physical tone all we need to do is walk a lot, not a little, and as rapidly as is comfortable, not slow­ly. How far and how often? As far and as often as you can manage each day while you work and during leisure time.

To maintain the heart and other essential muscles in proper tones and strength…we need to have physical activity.

If we are willing to watch an hour program on T.V. for entertainment, we can afford one hour of walking each day and” so help keep our muscles healthy. All of the foregoing is based, of course, on the assumption that our present state of health is good enough to begin any kind of physical exercise program.

All professionally administered exercise instruction programs start with a medical check-up or consul­tation with a recognized medical authority.

From all of this, we can readily see that the Mind Control program, emphasizing mental exercises in which a healthy self-image is pro­jected, implies the adoption of nu­tritional exercises (healthy diet) as well as a physical exercise pro­gram in order to achieve the heal­thy body self image projected.

What you want and expect to become is determined by what you now think! In health, what you eat and physically do is deter­mined by how and what you think! THINK HEALTHY!

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team