It should be clear to you by now that your mind plays an EXTREMELY important role in your health and healing process. It needs to be tuned and purged of limiting belief systems. One great way to fix these belief systems is to draw an inference to logic and proof. I have already given you the logic in my previous post, and now it’s time for the proof.

I have put together some incredible stories from people who have been able to Heal themselves and their loved ones. Below you would also be able to download one of the best compilations of stories in a PDF format.

“Silva Method Cures Tumor”

“The Silva Method came into my life in the mid 1970’s. I was invited to an informative seminar at the last minute by a friend, left the seminar at 11pm on a Friday night and I knew that I was meant to be in the class the next morning at 9 am.

I was the Mom of two little girls and did not have the $275. I arose very early the next morning, got into my car and drove toward the seminar, still I didn’t have the money, but I knew I would be in the class. I came upon a friend that I had not seen in quite some time, told him about the Silva seminar and drove with my friend to his bank after which he handed me the tuition I needed to attend the Silva seminar.

That was just the beginning.

A Few years later, my ob/gyn was examining me and found a tumor the size of a grapefruit as described by the doctor. He scheduled me for surgery. It was a fearful time. During the next couple weeks prior to surgery, I shared my Silva Method experience with my older sister and together we began to visualize and destroy this foreign object inside my uterus. I went into the physician’s office to prep for surgery and obtain a final ultrasound. As the technician was running the ultrasound around my abdomen, she asked, “what is the doctor looking for?”. I told her a grapefruit sized tumor. She responded by telling me that the doctor would probably want to re-examine me. Ten minutes later, my ob/gyn had the most perplexed look on his face as he examined me again and found the grapefruit sized tumor was no longer present. When I told him how I visualized it gone, he said he could not explain why it was no longer there, but maybe the visualization was the answer.

And me, I know it was the answer. A combination of Desire, Belief and Expectation was the key.

– Lori Malloch

“Meditate to Lose Weight”

“To my amazement, since I started the program, I have lost 9 lbs.! My doctor was so impressed, she asked me how I did it. I told her – no diet; meditation! My relationship with food has totally changed – I don’t think about food except once or twice a day and then only to sustain myself, not entertain myself.

I have relaxed easily, whether meditating in a sitting position or preparing for sleep.

This is my second time to study the method. I was sent to Silva in 1974 by medical doctor to learn to relax to control blood pressure. It worked! I also became a more successful sales person. I have always meditated but decided to do a refresher to work on new goals.”

– Karen Miller From Poway, CA

“Silva has not changed my life, it has SAVED my life”

“I have been using Silva for over 20 years. As I continue to study the material and practice I reflect how Jose Silva’s work has changed my life. 7 years ago, I had a near death experience as I was in the recovery room after gall bladder surgery. Learning from that experience that life is short, I committed myself to focusing my Silva healing talents to help other people. As I opened up myself to this idea, I decided that I would attract people who sincerely would allow themselves to heal through learning the Silva meditation program.

Soon I met a woman in her 50’s where they discovered a large mass on her ovary. Since she had never been pregnant, they expected the worst, she immediately scheduled her for surgery. She did not want to go under the knife, and agreed to postpone the procedure 1 month. I took a train from Maryland to New York City to work with her and teach her the Silva method. After 2 days, I returned home, I promised her I would continue to work on her case for the next 28 days. 1 month to the date she was scheduled for surgery. I suggested we get another sonogram to see how much we were able to change the shape of the tumor. While on the table the technician discovered the mass was completely gone and she called me from the doctors office to give me the good news.

I have since used Silva to lower my cholesterol level from over 300 to 110 and have used this meditation method to lose a lot of weight, reduce my blood pressure, and eliminate my sleep apnea. Silva has not changed my life, it has SAVED my life.

– Ariele Imm

“The Silva Method Cures Stutter and Builds Confidence”

“As I learnt to speak, I started to stutter. Nobody is sure why, but the fact was that I developed a serious stutter and I had communication problems. During my primary school years I managed to get by, but every day was a struggle.

When I became a teenager things became worse. People at school started to bully me because of my speech problem and I was very aware of my stutter, which made it even worse. I became reclusive, avoiding speaking and only doing so at home or with close friends. Not a nice situation for a teenager.

I started to attend speech therapists and became a research subject in some new techniques, all with very limited success. I also attended some relaxation and meditation classes, which showed some promise, and after some research, my mother signed me up for The Silva Method (or Mind Control then). I reluctantly attended the seminar, and now I think it might have been one of the best things I ever did. My life changed.

As I practiced the techniques, and as I helped myself and those around me, my life changed. I dealt with my stutter until it virtually disappeared and I regained my confidence. I started to speak and to communicate (and I had a lot to say!) and I even asked a girl out! I also became a student rep and had to speak in public in front of the school. I am not sure who was more amazed, me, my mother or the bullies at school.

Somehow I forgot about the Silva Method, but now, in my mid-thirties, I have re-discovered it and I am once again changing my life, making it better and better every day.”

– Carlos Orte From Spain



Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team