Welcome friends, we have been getting positive feedback on our starter kit’s lesson three on creativity, so we wanted to share it with you!

Here are some inspirational stories from people all over the world that have used Silva to help them come up with creative ideas for their business, music, and other creative quests:

Carol Lawrence – Silva Graduate and the first Theatre Actress to receive a Star on the Famed Hollywood Walk of Fame shared her experience. She mentioned that if we focus our mind into figuring out how to deal with life, we would notice we are stronger than we think.

Dord Fitz – art professor, founder of Dord Fitz Art Center, shared his interest in the Silva Method stating that he feels the system helps the whole learning process.

Richard Bach – best selling author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull stated in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “Mental discipline and creative visualization¬†are what’s behind the power of the Silva Method”.

Janice Cleland – a regular user of the Silva Life System from Canada, said that she has been using the system to become more spiritually aware and connected to the energy source available to us and has been content with it, seeing positive results every day.

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