We as humans are extremely emotional beings. We feel and often hold on to emotions, without realizing that some of them are hurting us. Throughout my life, I’ve come across situations where I’ve been hurt. It happens to all of us, but the important thing is to rise above the pain, and I’ve found forgiveness to be key in achieving this.

Forgiveness is a path and a process to mend hearts and to reconcile. The healing energy that emerges from forgiving is strong and can be felt by every part of your body.

Suddenly you feel…

  • as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders,
  • your heart feels a lightness,
  • and your mind isn’t bogged down with resentment, fear, and confusion.

Perhaps your heart has been broken or you’ve been wronged by a friend. Even if they’ve apologized to you and moved on you’re still stuck in the same place and time as when it all went wrong. Forgiveness is necessary for your well-being and future.

By holding grudges we cannot release the negative energies that manifest themselves from the pain and hurt caused by the initial wrongdoing.  And if you never release these energies, they will be with you until you finally forgive. They will be felt by those who interact with you, in your daily routine, and ultimately hurt you physically and mentally.

Forgiveness is difficult but if you want to be at peace, it is inevitable.