Whether you think of it as mental magic or just plain common sense, your imagination is a good strategy for making better outcomes in your life.

“What a woman daydreams, she becomes”.

As we enter adulthood many of us tend to lose touch with that fearless ability to daydream. Many of us let ourselves bow to ‘realism’, shuttering our highest goals. Some even think, “maybe it could happen for someone else but not for me”.

What would happen if you realized that dreaming and visualizing sets the process of manifestation in motion? What if you took it seriously and started using your imagination as a skill?

Imagining things happens all the time. So instead of imagining the worst (isn’t that what worry really is?), why not turn it around and imagine the best? You have nothing to lose and you just might come out a winner!

Repetition is the key. What you repeat stays in the consciousness and later on turns into reality.

So the next time you’re going down your worry list, and getting your head stuck in a corner ask yourself this question: “If the imagination has no limits then why should I?” There is so much out there telling us to dream our dreams and visualize our success.

So what are you thinking—and by that I don’t mean the way you think 1% of the time when you’re meditating or writing your Christmas letter. I mean, what are you thinking underneath your daily thoughts 99% of the time while you’re driving, cleaning the kitchen, or looking in the mirror? Is it positive, encouraging—or not?

Much of these thoughts get pushed down, buried. They are uncomfortable. Let’s face it, who wants to be aware of it? You decide to turn up the volume on that movie.

It’s not as difficult as some imagine. We visualize everyday, whether it is imagining that morning cup of coffee or a trip to grandma’s when we were children. It’s the way we are built.