Creative Visualization

Researching about this powerful technique just stumbled upon this amazing article from Nancy Moore Phd blog, The Natural Healing Health. So here we wanted to share the most interesting things from it:creative visualization

Health begins on the inside. It’s mainly determined by the choices you make in how to live your life every moment of the day. Your thoughts (mind) and feelings (heart) determine how you chose to act or behave.

Sure, your genes play a role in health, but it’s minor (only 10 to 30 percent) compared to the powerful role your mind and heart play.

Anyone Can Use Creative Visualization

Too often, our thoughts are on automatic. Automatic thoughts come from significant people in our lives like parents and teachers. Over time, we become so accustomed to them we accept them as fact. When they are positive and support our health and growth, we benefit from them. But, when they are negative or critical they harm us.

You do not have to stay on automatic. You have an awesome resource within you that you can access at any time to create the life and health you desire… your imagination.

Sometimes people think they don’t have an imagination or they’re not creative.  We all have and use our imagination.

Let’s try and experiment. Just answer the two questions below:

1. What were you doing on your last birthday?

2. Imagine taking a bite out of a juicy lemon.

You probably saw yourself doing something (even if it’s a vague image) in response to question one and you may have even noticed more saliva in your mouth as you imagined taking a bite out of the sour lemon in question two. You used your imagination. Creative visualization, or guided imagery exercises help you use your imagination in an intentional way to create the life and health you desire.

Now, let’s harness the power of your mind and heart through visualization techniques. These steps include all of your senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling (not just visual as the name suggests). The more vividly you experience all the senses the more real and effective creative visualization becomes. Just follow these three steps: get ready, do it, and reflect on the experience.

Creative Visualization: Get Ready

Getting ready is all about getting relaxed. Chose a time and place where you are free of distractions. Let others know, if need be, that you want to be quiet and alone for 20 or 30 minutes. Get comfortable. Loosen your clothing, take off your shoes and sit or lie down in a comfortable position. You may want to play relaxing background music or record this script along with the music to guide you. Or, you may find that after practicing a few times you recall these creative visualization steps easily.

Creative Visualization: Do It

Now that you are comfortable, take ten easy, deep breaths. Imagine filling your lungs with healing oxygen from the air you breathe in. Say to yourself “relax” as you breathe out. Imagine releasing all tension and dis-ease as the air flows out. You can close your eyes, if you wish. Body Scan: Now scan your body for areas of tension. If you notice an area of tension, breathe into the area and as you breathe out imagine releasing the tension. If the tension persists, tighten the area and hold it for several seconds then let it relax.

Choose a Personal Healing Image: When relaxed, imagine a healing image that will flow through your body. It can be a clear or colored light; God’s love, universal love, universal healing energy, or whatever image has meaning to you.

Now, imagine this image (I will use golden light from here on) is flowing down through the crown of your head. Then it flows over your forehead, around your eyes, cheeks and into your jaws and lips, healing and relaxing as it flows. It flows down the back of your head and into your neck and throat… healing, nourishing, and relaxing.

Continue to breathe in the golden light as it flows down your shoulders and into your arms, wrists, and hands… healing, nourishing, and relaxing. Now direct the light into your lungs and your heart… healing, nourishing, and relaxing. Take a few moments to feel and experience the healing golden light as your hold it in your heart. Feel its energy filling your heart and radiating out into every cell of your body.

Now continue to direct the golden light with your breath into you abdomen and pelvis… healing and relaxing. Bring the light down your spine and into your hips… healing, nourishing, and relaxing. Then bring the light into your thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, and feet… healing, nourishing, and relaxing.

Take a few moments to experience this peaceful and healing state. Soak the healing golden light into every cell.

Recall a Special Place: Now recall or imagine a special place that was healing or nurturing for you. It could be from a vacation, your childhood or purely from your imagination. It’s a place where you feel safe, peaceful, and relaxed. Now, notice and experience this place.

What do you see? Is there water or trees, blue-sky, white puffy clouds or a gentle rain?

What are the sounds of this place? Is there the sound of water flowing over rocks in a river or stream, or the sound of waves lapping at the shore? Or, perhaps there is the sound of the wind in the trees?

What do you feel in this place? Do you feel the warmth of the sun’s light or the gentle summer breeze on your skin? Or, the invigorating tingle of the ocean spray as it blow across your body. Are there smells that nurture you… like fresh baked apple pie, or the sweet smell of honey suckle in full boom, or the salty smell of the ocean in the breeze? Perhaps there is even a taste associated with this special place. Perhaps it’s the taste of sweet berries, or cool ice cream on a warm summer day. Take some time just appreciating and experiencing your special place. Experience its deep peace, relaxation, and comfort.

Ask for Guidance: If you like, you can ask for guidance on something that is concerning you. This guidance may come from within you, or from an image such as a light. Or it may come from an animal, bird or a higher power. Take some time to be with this wise source, just relaxing and listening, being open and peaceful.

When you’re ready return from your special place. Focus on your breathing, appreciating that this is your special place that you can return to at anytime. It is always there for you by following this simple process.

Choose Your Personal Reminder Signal: Now choose a signal that reminds you of this special place. Your signal can be a simple act like holding your thumb and index finger together or taking three deep breaths. This signal can bring you back instantly to the peace and relaxation of your special place.

Return: Now take a deep breath in and as you breathe out say to yourself, “I am well” as you gently open your eyes and return to noticing your surroundings.

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team