Q: I’ve heard that some people are using classical music to relax and learn languages rapidly. Can we use this to help us learn faster?

A: (by Jose Silva) In the type of learning system you are refer­ring to, they are just using the left brain hemisphere.

They are trying to improve the use of the left brain hemisphere in education. This is where they stop.

Music only gets you to relax while using your left brain hemi­sphere. With music, you relax at beta, not at alpha. It’s like functioning in another world. You can relax the body and the mind and visualize with the left brain hemisphere, but  this is  not  what we are looking for.

Everybody can visualize. That means remembering what some­thing looks like, and describing it in detail. What is important is to learn to visualize with the right brain hemisphere, which is what you are learning to do when you relax and enter the alpha dimen­sion, as we do in the Silva Meth­od’s Basic Lecture Series.

They use what is called left brain hemisphere conditioning. This is compared to the Pavlovian method and applied to animals, also. It involves purely objective means. You train them and check them until they do what you want them to do. But this is not learning to think, or analyze and solve    problems    with    the    right brain hemisphere, which you learn to do in the Silva Method.

Using this system, you can memorize something. Using the Silva Method, you can learn to reason both inductively and deductively while using both brain hemispheres.

They are creating a state of mind, by setting the stage (set of conditions), but this is done while thinking with the left brain hemisphere.

To continuing learning with the left brain hemisphere is not our field. We are developing the use of another dimension where it is easier to do everything better.

Our main objective is to use the right brain hemisphere when analyzing problems.

Better and Better,


Laura Silva Quesada
& The Team