You are interested in becoming a Silva instructor.

This page is to give you some general information before beginning your first steps as a candidate instructor.

If you live in a country where Silva is already taught, you must first seek the approval of your country Silva Director.

Your Silva Director will be responsible for overseeing your classes, organizing publicity, dates and reports, and ensuring you are on time with Royalty payments to himself and to Silva International.

They will also be first in line for your training and certification, in your own country and language.

If your country Director accepts you but is unable to provide this training, you will be trained at an official Silva International Lecturer Development Seminar (LDS).

Your country Director will still need to ensure that you satisfy any particular requirements he/she may have for their country, and may require you to follow extra training.

The International Training Directors are Lee Pascoe, Basic Lecture Series (BLS) and Ken Coscia, Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System (SLS/SIS).

If you live in an area which has no Silva classes, you will be under the Directorship of Silva International, and you will be trained at an official Silva International LDS.

This applies also to an instructor wishing to teach in the United States, where there are no local directors.

Before beginning your training, you must have completed a minimum of 5 Silva seminars, either the original BLS, or the more recent version, SLS/SIS.

After certification, each instructor will be responsible for a city/region.
The candidate must understand that there is no guarantee they will be accepted, certified and allotted a territory, simply because they have completed the LDS.

Qualities sought – A Silva Instructor must:
– speak in public with ease and confidence
– present a professional image
– avoid mixing private life and professional instructor activities
– be able to work independently as self-employed
– have marketing and business skills
– show an honest, positive, responsible character, eager to help others
– use the Silva Method personally on a regular basis, having integrated it into their life, with their own success stories to quote.

Being an instructor Silva does not mean only presenting seminars, but also implies the following:
– conducting graduate meetings in the cities/regions where they teach
– allowing time to respond personally to phone calls
– being available for past Graduates and future participants
– being aware of the impact that this activity can have on family life

If you live outside the USA, in an area where Silva is already taught,
THE FIRST STEP is to contact your country Silva Director, who will give you all the information necessary regarding your training requirements.

If you wish to teach in the USA, or in a new country where there is no director,
THE FIRST STEP is to fill in and submit the Application form (LINK)
This must be accompanied by a “Letter of Intention” in which you explain why you want to become a Silva Instructor, and what you consider to be your qualities. Please send it by email with a photo, to silvamethod@silvamethod.com (Half a page will suffice.)

PLEASE NOTE: this form is to be filled in only if you do not have a country director. If you need help finding the director, contact silvamethod@silvamethod.com
In which area/ cities do you wish to teach?
Is there a Silva Director in charge of this area? YesNo

Note- If so, you are required to contact them directly and not to fill in this form.
When, where and with whom did you first take the Silva class (BLS or SLS/SIS)?
How many times have you followed the Silva Class and with whom?
Have you followed an advanced class? If so, please indicate when, with whom and how many times you have reviewed?
Ultra Seminar YesNo
Graduate Seminar YesNo
What other self-help, holistic practice, healing tradition, personal development or training have you been involved with?

Please also send to silvamethod@silvamethod.com a "Letter of Intention" in which you explain why you want to become a Silva Instructor, and what you consider to be your qualities, with a photo.