While most of us think of inflation and the economic insecurity it creates as one of the top national – and international — problems today, there is yet another malady that is perhaps even more damaging, and it is one that has not been given the attention it deserves.

This malady is the increase in anxiety and tension among people who are in a position where their decisions affect the course of mankind, both politically and economically.

Anxiety and tension create not only a problem that affects the health – both mental and physical -of these individuals, but they are directly responsible for the decline in creativity, productivity, intuitive-ness, and innovations we are experiencing in the modern world.

A head of state, a business executive, a college professor, a laboratory researcher or a production line worker whose life is filled with stress and anxiety is not going to operate at his full potential. At one point or another, the quality of his work declines, his decision­ making becomes less pragmatic and effective, his creativeness wanes and his production becomes boring and less innovative.

All of these factors lead us, as a society, towards the road to mediocrity instead of the road that achieves excellence.

Already there is ample evidence all around that there is indeed a significant increase in anxiety, depression, hypertension, heart disease, sleeplessness and chronic headaches. Unfortunately, many of these key persons, in finding it difficult to cope with these stressful situations, turn to alcohol, drugs and other stimulants and depressants for symptomatic relief.

The result of this is not only a loss of productivity but a strain on their family and personal lives.

In Silva Mind Control, these modern-day ills are given priority, for we have always felt that a person can become more wholesome and can more fully integrate his personality only if he can cultivate the ability to relax and to control the tensions imposed by modern living.

How can we go about encour­aging ourselves to increase our ability to relax and take life with­out stress while at the same time becoming better integrated indivi­duals and thus more creative and productive?

The answer has been offered to Silva Mind Control graduates since our course was developed and implemented almost 50 years ago. I firmly believe that providing people with this ability has been one of our greatest contributions.

For one, an individual has to have the ability to relax. This, I fully believe, is easier said than done, but at Silva we have developed techniques which effectively help us learn to relax almost at will. What we need to do is to further cultivate these techniques so that we can become even better practitioners.

Second, we must develop the ability to focus our attention on a particular problem — or problems – so that we can concentrate on their solutions without interference from other non-related and often obstructive problems. However, this is not the type of concentration that most people think of, such as the hard thinking with the hands on cheeks and deeply furrowed brow.

Far from it, Silva Mind Control helps us to practice the type of concentration that is much more effective, that which comes from a relaxed focus of attention so as to let the subconscious come through with what often is the correct answer to a particular pro­blem.

Thirdly, our graduates have been given the essential tools to accept subjective phenomena to aid us in relaxing and problem solving. This is perhaps our greatest tool because learning to be receptive to subjec­tive experiences will allow an indi­vidual the full use of the messages, the images, the dreams, the ideas and the impressions of the inner self, which are truly more valuable in making effective decisions.

In essence, what Silva Mind Control helps us to learn is to use four levels by which we can become more productive and better pro­blem-solvers. These four levels are the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

The tragedy of modern man is that he is much too busy -or at least acts like it — that he does not find time to relax and reflect. By first providing a per­son with the ability to relax and look inward, Silva Mind Control has opened the doors to a world in which an individual can be­come more fully realized.

Once this happens, mankind will be that much better off, and the whole world will be on the road to becoming “Better and Better.”

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team