Do you know Helene Hadsell. I am not sure if I mentioned her in any of the emails before. But anyways, Helene is a Silva Graduate and used to work closely with my father Jose Silva. She is the lady who, in 50 years, have never lost a single contest she has entered.

She also is an author of best seller Name it and Claim it, which was about how she wins every time she enters a contest. She also created the S.P.E.C. system. She is popularly known as The Winning Sage.

This is a story I received from Helene this morning about affirmations and I thought I would share it with you.

This morning I’m led to share several healing techniques that have profound benefits when one is challenged with physical, mental or spiritual imbalances. Over the years I have received constant conformation from students telling me how repeating and memorizing the following affirmations changed their daily living into a comfortable, rewarding, positive way of life. I’m always reminded of the time Dr. Joseph Murphy and I had one of our rap sessions and we discussed that some people have to read or hear something 42 times before it sinks in. So it’s up to you. How important it is for you to maintain balance in your physical, mental or spiritual life?Make repeating positive affirmations a way of life and you will LIVE instead of merely exist. This is the affirmation that serves the purpose for many challenges that could include; a dislike for a person, a limitation that proves frustrating like constant eating, smoking, drinking, using drugs. Do you have a negative attitude about everything or a habit that serves no purpose? Or how about an unreasonable fear of the dark, getting robbed, etc.? If so, this will work wonders by repeating it whenever you find yourself in any of the above circumstances listed.

Affirmation 1:

In the past I had______________________I REFUSE to live in the PAST. I am in control of my thoughts and actions. From this day forward I am balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. I AM PEACE POWER and PERFECTION. The next affirmation applies specifically to the physical and it encompasses every aspect of the body. I suggest that you repeat it daily, as it is our responsibility to keep our body in good condition for as long as we chose to use it.

Affirmation 2:

Every atom in my body thrill with life to keep this body well. Every molecule within me carry health from cell to cell. Cells & organs in all systems build for lasting strength & youth. Work in harmony by the conscious light of truth to rejuvenate, Recharge, and re-energize this beautiful physical body. Do you really understand how powerful your thoughts are? There is a saying that says, “You are what you think.” Let me elaborate by giving you a more specific explanation. Watch your thoughts. They become WORDS. Watch your Words. They become ACTIONS. Watch your Actions. They become HABITS. Watch your Habits, for they become your CHARACTER Watch your Character, for it becomes your DESTINY!

– Helene Hadsell

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team