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Create the life you want with manifestation mastery

The ability to manifest isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable, when you tap into the power of your mind.

Start the year with a clear purpose and get all the tools you need to open, create, and receive. It’s time to take those day dreams and turn them into reality.

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Everyone Is A Reality Architect

In fact, you have the ability to turn thoughts into creation—it’s natural and you do it every day, subconsciously—but when was the last time you were able to do it intentionally?



Receiving a surprise check in the mail, just when you need the money


Finding creative solutions and answers to challenges at work just when you’re at a dead end


Contacting lucrative business or investment opportunities just by chance


Having a soulmate step into your life, just when you need someone most

Learn To Create Your Own Luck

At Silva we recognize what conventional thinking calls “luck” or “coincidence” is actually signs of the mind-powers at work—creative moments when intention aligns with the universe, and materializes desire into reality.girl-handsintheair

Back in the 1960’s, Jose Silva was looking at the big picture—of a world Quantum physicists described as a Holographic Universe, made of energy and vibrations projected by the mind—in other words, a 3D Hologram. Like the leading scientists of his day, Silva was asking himself, “What if this world is not objective but subjective? What if it is an illusion?”

This could finally explain the phenomena that had always defied scientific explanation—like ESP, psychokinesis, the placebo effect, out of body and near-death experiences, mind-body healing, and yes, the astounding ability some people have to manifest their desires out of thin air.


The implications of this led Silva to an even more awesome question: If your world, your thoughts, your life, are simply a function of your own personal hologram then…isn’t it be possible for you to reshape that hologram?

Silva’s explorations led him to the conclusion that the ability to manifest in a focused way isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable, once you learn to control a specific set of functions in your mind.

Now 50 years of practice and research is available to benefit you—a metaphysical process honed to a science, eliminating frustration and guesswork, and giving you reliable tools for manifesting your goals time and time again.

Not only that, Reality Architects have a way of speeding up the answers that come to them through deep intuition: they literally wake up in the morning with answers to their questions and challenges.

So the next question is:

Are you ready to become a Reality Architect?

Introducing Silva Manifesting

Mastering the art and science of using your mind to get the outcomes that serve you best.


Highlights Include:


A New Step-By-Step Curriculum

Covering the entire scope of manifesting mastery, from perfect meditation to thought control to knowing your purpose.

Brand New Mind Empowerment Tools

Created specifically for manifesting mastery, including the Life Purpose and the Choice Points exercises.

Quick, Powerful Pick-Me-Up Mental Exercises

You can weave into your day called ‘Zap’ and ‘Stoplight’ meditations.

Eye Opening Insights

On manifesting, and cutting-edge research on the human mind.


Day 1

The Life Purpose Exercise: You are already attracting things into your life, but it may not be things that you like or want. We are going to get crystal clear about your unique life’s purpose so that you can create support for walking your life’s path.

The Monkey Mind Exercise: One of the biggest causes for attracting what you don’t want, is negative thoughts and distraction. We will learn an easy technique for eliminating unwanted distractions, and gaining laser-sharp focus.

The Actualization Process Exercise: Unlike other programs, manifestation doesn’t have to take forever. With this process you will learn to manifest your goals at lightning speed

The Engaging Fully Exercise: One of the greatest secrets we have for powerful manifestations is the connection with your “true self. You will be connecting with your 4 bodies, and aligning them with your desires.

The From A Distance Exercise: When you are clear, connected, and aligned you will learn to create vivid points of reference, and project your consciousness outward into the cosmos.

Day 2

The Target Image Exercise: This exercise is designed to enhance focus and eliminating mind chatter. This is useful in daily life and crucial for successful manifestation.

The Choice Points Exercise: When you are on the path of your own design it is not always easy to stay the course. Use this exercise for solving problems and making good decisions.

The Money Magnet Exercise: Learn to fine tune your internal process to the frequency of abundance and begin attracting all the financial support you need to achieve your goals.

The Integrating Greatness Exercise: You are greater than you can possibly imagine. Here you will get an exhilarating boost to your self-esteem and prepare to take on your dreams.

The Gratitude Exercise: Gratitude is one of the most powerful and underestimated tools for manifestation. This exercise is for attuning yourself to gratitude and manifesting more reasons to be grateful.


Meet the “awakened” people who walk among us

Senior citizen from Texas wins every contest she enters

Helene Hedsell, a lady from Texas, miraculously wins every contest and sweepstakes she enters. Over 50 years she’s won herself cars, 7 trips to Europe, and even a $2 million dollar home.

The odds of doing this are trillions upon trillions to one. How did she outwit the laws of probability?

The 84-year-old “Renaissance” man of many talents

In the past few years, Burt Goldman has taught himself painting and photography, got his work featured in international galleries, written multiple novels, launched a multi-million dollar website, and created one of the most popular personal growth programs on the internet–all at the ripe old age of 80.

How is it possible that in a few short years, he’s accomplished feats that some people chase for a lifetime?

The man who baffled doctors by overcoming fatal throat cancer

A few years back, Frank, a 61-year-old man, was diagnosed with a fatal type of throat cancer. Doctors gave him radiation therapy, but placed his odds of survival at 5%.Using mental imagery techniques, Frank was able to both avoid the side effects of radiation therapy, and completely eliminate his cancer within just two months.

How is it that Frank and countless other people diagnosed with fatal diseases are sometimes able to beat the odds and recover fully?

A lady with an unusual ability to read people’s energy fields

Christie Marie Sheldon was an ordinary lady who woke up one day with the unusual ability to read people’s energy fields, and tell them what’s holding them back in life.

Over the past 15 years she’s used this gift to help heads of states, bestselling authors, and over 10,000 people worldwide. Where does this power come from?

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What to expect in class

The ambiance is relaxing and class size is usually intimate, anywhere from 30 to 50 people. This means that you get more individualized attention from our instructors. This also gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Many students gain life-long friendships at these events. The Silva Life System program is a 2 day experience and is usually held from 9am to 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday (times and dates may vary based on location).


Join us at a live program

50 years in the making and we have not missed a beat. Silva programs continue to be one of the most popular personal growth programs available today. Our comprehensive programs offer cutting edge technology on the relationship between the brain, mind, and personal growth.

Education delivered - no sales pitch needed

We trust our students to be the kind of people who recognize for themselves a quality, educational opportunity. We won’t waste your time with high pressure sales pitches during our programs. Silva events and programs have been offered in 110 countries for 50 years. Our methods are grounded in science and have stood the test of time. Now our success can be yours. We are dedicated to making this available to the world and that is why you will always find Silva programs offered for incredible value.

Fundamentals come first

Many students decide to continue with the Silva Method in more advanced programs on intuition or healing. Any advanced learning that you want to do will be entirely up to you and will only be made available after your program is complete.

At Silva it's experiential

At Silva, we engage you! Whether it’s in conversations about the role the mind plays in healing or taking you through guided exercises into the alpha and theta frequencies of brain. A Silva Program is the fertile playground where you will practice your newfound skills. In other words, you will not just learn about meditation and new ways to use the mind, you will experience it!

Experienced Instructors

Each of our qualified instructors have years of valuable experience and the skill to make the event a powerful life-changing weekend. They will be there to guide you, not only during, but even after the training is over. Their ultimate goal after exposing you to the techniques is to help you move beyond the guided meditations towards true independence. This level of discipline is real empowerment where you become the master of your own mind. Everyone can experience this mental achievement with the proper instruction and practice. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that you learn and experience alpha and theta frequencies while in the live training.

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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Silva Manifesting?

Do I need any prior training to use the Silva Manifesting?
Yes, we recommend Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System training because they gives you the foundation for all the Silva’s advanced programs. In Silva Life System you learn the foundation of the Silva Method, and in Silva Intuition System you will learn the Silva meditation techniques vital for opening up the door to intuition setting you up for success in Silva Manifesting.

Who would benefit from using Silva Manifesting?
Advanced Students of the Silva Method! Let me explain – You’ll use some of the best Silva Method techniques to manifest the life of your own design. This includes a collection of ‘Zap’ and ‘Stoplight’ meditations. These are quick, easy and powerful pick-me-up mind exercises you can weave into your daily schedule.

I have tried other similar programs with similar promises, but I have not experienced the results I expected. Why would Silva Manifesting be any different?
Few programs have the scientific backing and social proof of Silva Manifesting. There is no way I would risk our credibility by offering you a program that doesn’t work as I say it does. On top of that, you’ve got an unconditional guarantee to give you unbeatable peace of mind.

Why should I use this product?

You want to become a “reality architect”. This means you creating the life you have always dreamed of! Not only will you be experiencing coincidences, you will also the positive impact they make on your life.

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