Pooja Arora


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Pooja Arora was introduced to Silva in 1998 and has been a keen practitioner ever since. Pooja came to natural healing modalities in her early life when an accident left her with a debilitating injury almost making it impossible to walk. She credits the power of creative visualization and dynamic meditation techniques through the Silva Method to help her not only tackle her injuries then, but also guide her through various physical, emotional and spiritual ups and downs in the last 16-17 years.

After spending 12+ years in corporate career in international marketing roles, she decided to take a break and indulge her true passion – helping people achieve personal transformation through dynamic meditation techniques like the Silva Method. She also teaches Reiki, is a trained hypnotherapist, does Ayurvedic counseling, teaches meditation, provides yoga therapy and wellness coaching.

Pooja offers regular Silva introduction talks, Silva Masterminds and Silva Workshops in Singapore.

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(+65) 97276181