Prof. Dr. Moiz Hussain Ph.D.


Director of Pakistan


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Dr. Moiz Hussain is a certified Silva Method instructor and Director in Pakistan of the Silva Method, USA.
He is an authority on Mind Sciences both in Pakistan and abroad and is the founder of the “Institute of Mind Sciences”. He holds two doctoral degrees in Clinical Hypnosis and Meta Physics. He is a faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA and Certified Reiki Grand Master.

Dr. Hussain has appeared in various television shows including GEO, ARY, TV1, ATV, HUM, ZEETV, BBC, CNN, FOX, ABC and NBC. He is the creator of internationally famed “the Fourth Dimension” Mind Power Training Program. He is the recipient of “Best Instructor” award 1997, “Best Speaker and Presenter” award 1998, 1999 and 2000 at National Guild of Hypnotists, Convention Nashua NH, USA. He is the only Asian to be interviewed and placed on the cover of the prestigious “Journal of Hypnotism” USA.

He believes in challenges and takes them as a part of his life, thereby not only achieving but also sharing. His unique style of teaching and imparting knowledge has changed lives of thousands of people who come in contact with him. He motivates, inspires and guides others on the path of success and self-discovery. His dream is to create a world to which people want to belong.



Husna Malik


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Husna Malik – is an experienced Silva Method Instructor trained by Ken Coscia the International Training Director from the USA. She is a life coach, an excellent mind therapist and believes on healing powers and science of mind, body, and spirit. In her early practices of Silva Coachings, she used to program Silva Method BLS programming, both in one to one sessions as a therapy and in groups too. Her one to one sessions gave her application of Silva Training as a therapy. She started taking a deep and keen interest in the philosophy and research behind Silva which was made by its founder, the late Jose Silva. Flowing in curiosity for an understanding of this amazing scientific program Husna traveled to America. Here each and every aspect of the philosophy of the human mind was made well understood to her by her trainer Ken. Ken has given forty-six years of his life to the Silva foundation mission of spreading this remarkable discovery of human mind and its powers to all over the planet earth. Husna sensed a beautiful smell of the Silva Method through the BLS teachings and in quest of the roots of the plant of this amazing flower i.e. Silva foundation. She went to the USA and met Ken. She is now very well equipped with the scientific research behind Silva and also with the philosophy of human mind-body connection and its applications.

Husna Malik is also the founder of a center named “The Healing Mind.” She is running it since 2008 under the management of a Registered Non-Government Organization named “Al-BEHER Education Foundation.” She holds its chairmanship. A board of ten people runs it. Here all welfare works are done, especially the work of spreading education along with the knowledge about the human mind and intelligence especially to poor people in order to bring their sufferings to a low.

She wishes and believes, that schools can play an active role in spreading this unique, powerful and scientific research based human learning method. Husna is basically an educationist and had long experience of running a model school.

She was also a very experienced Montessori Directress, so knows well children and their educational styles along with problems. As she believes that educating her country children with this subjective education will play a vital role in her country development both in mental health and in education. So that her “dream being” given by her lovely positively souled parents having hearts like Jose Silva that is to spread wellness and positivity everywhere, to make this planet a better world to live in, will be accomplished.

Husna is also a registered and certified member of NFNLP Venice USA as a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. She has also been awarded Master Level in USUI Reiki System and has attuned hundreds of people as reiki healers.

She is a founder of a very amazing workshop resulting in a very powerful boot up in one’s mind power, by the name R.E.M. (Room of the Excellence of Mind). Many others such programs.

Husna’s other expertise are in the field of the therapy of E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Yoga as an honorary instructor by a very well renowned institute of her country (Yogi Wajahat Institute). Her favorite is Kundalni Yoga, by her senior teacher prof. Moiz Hussain.

She is a spoon bender and an experienced fire walker. A sentence for Husna is “She has really proven herself as the best fire walker on the burning coals of life.” When she first learned Silva for herself-development, her control over problems of life, started to show enabling her finally, to example this control and win on the road of life by becoming Silva Instructor by herself.

Her dream given to her by her parents, late Munir Malik and late Rashida Munir, was to create a center of complementary medicines which has been achieved and lots of people are daily getting therapies for physical, mental and spiritual benefits and knowledge, from here. Such people include patients with chronic diseases like cancer, epilepsy, psoriasis, arthritis, depression and more.

Silva Method Instructor
USUI Reiki Master
Certified Member of NFNLP – Venice, USA
Master NLP Practitioner
Honorary Yoga Instructor
EFT Practitioner


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