Drs. Landa Endlich


Director of The Netherlands


Certified Silva Method Instructor


Certified Silva Success Coach

Landa was born in Australia and raised in the Netherlands. She practices the Silva Method since 1989 and uses the techniques on a daily basis for herself. She studied Clinical Psychology MSc at the University of Leiden and experiences the benefit of using the alpha level and techniques, beside the evidenced based interventions, with her patients.

By using the alpha level of mind persons have more direct access to limiting beliefs, anxieties and trauma’s and more self-tools how to heal themselves in order to fulfill one’s wishes in the present. “The Silva Method provides a powerful and yet so simple and playful set of tools so people can really live a relaxed, loving and wonderful live. Instead of controlling the situations and persons in your life, you can control yourself much easier and choose the things you really want and become more independent of the world around you. Live your life from your heart, your own personal power, talents and happiness.”

Landa is a highly accomplished and experienced Silva trainer and is very appreciated by her students and clients for her warm, enthusiastic, scientific and open way of interacting. This makes her very approachable and therefore the content of the Silva courses and ‘going within’ are easy to learn.

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