Deimanté Bartninkaité


Director of Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia


Certified Silva Method Instructor


Certified Silva Success Coach

My name is Deimante Bartninkaite. I live in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. I graduated from Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas where I earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and psychology and a master’s degree in public communications. I have attended many conferences and workshops in human resources management as well.
I worked as a theologian for several years and was a member of a Lithuanian Synod group that was responsible for supporting and the spiritual growth of exposed people. Also I am interested in how television influences public values and I wrote a research paper about it. I worked in the television industry as a director of several TV shows for two years as well.

My first Silva seminar was in 2001. After taking the different Silva courses, I was certified as a Silva Lecturer in 2005. Since then the Silva method has become my lifestyle. It is difficult to imagine how I could live without it. I became the Silva Director for Lithuania in May 2009 and offer classes in Lithuanian. I am also fluent in Russian and English. I am teaching the Silva method with my sister Rasa (she is a Silva lecturer as well). Together we are doing the Silva seminars for adults and children as well.

My hobbies include reading, traveling, writing and helping others find their key to success.

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Instructors In Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia


Aleksandra Usevičienė

I was always interested greatest miracle – Humans. It’s a real mystery: thinking, behavior, communication. In search of answers, I read and studied a lot. Technical education taught to think systematically and to evaluate any phenomenon fully, searching for a link between all the parts of the system.



Rasa Bartninkaitė

“I always wanted an inner need to help people get away from the gray of everyday life, to find the meaning of life and observe its beauty.”

Therefore, the actress chose a profession to teach the Silva Method.  Rasa believes the theater uplifts people. For the same reasons she loves the Silva Method.