Moises Liberman


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Moisés met José Silva personally when he visited Buenos Aires in 1979. That encounter changed the course of his life: from the world of the art of photography to the fascinating world of the mind.

Moisés, along with his wife Tania, studied in the United States with José Silva and several of the best instructors of the Silva Method in the world. They arrived in Israel in 1980, and they were very well received and recognized as pioneers in the question of self-help and personal development.

Since then, thousands have learned the Silva Method and enjoy its benefits.

Over the years, José Silva traveled to Israel in 1985 and 1996 and taught higher courses for very successful graduates.

We have also invited eminences like Burt Goldman, who gave his seminar “Super Mind,” Dr. Robert Stone, with his exceptional workshop on “Metaphysics” and Dr. Rosa Rivas. Now it will be 40 years, in 2020, that the Silva Method is taught in Israel uninterrupted. Nine books in Hebrew about the Silva Method were published, among them “Stop the Stress” written by Tania and Rafael Liberman that has become a best seller.

Throughout the years we have received many distinctions from Silva International, Inc. and in 2000 we won the Silva International World Cup.Inc.

Also in Israel, they have received many awards and were elected by the Public Opinion Center with Certificates of Honor for the first contribution in the field of culture and life community. Moisés is always looking for ways to spread the method and reach as many people as possible.

Tania Liberman


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Tania Liberman was a Clinical Psychologist living in Argentina when she attended a lecture by Jose Silva, creator of the Silva Method. That experience opened new horizons for her.

I was working as a pediatric psychologist at the time, and there were cases when I wanted to tell the parents that they needed psychological treatment, but I knew that they would not accept the offer. And here I am, hearing that this is a course, not a therapy, that gives tools that can cause a change in behavior.

Since 1980 she has been director and instructor of the Silva Method. In1995 she co-wrote with Rafi Liberman the book “Stop the Tension,” which became a bestseller.

Rafael Liberman


Certified Silva Method Instructor

Rafi Liberman holds a master’s in social psychology from Bar-Ilan University, an instructor of the Silva Method from 1980. He conducted a study within the University of Haifa on the effect of the method on the level of anxiety as a character trait among 374 people who took part in the Silva course. The results of the study showed that the Silva Method significantly reduced participants’ anxiety level immediately after the class and six months later.

Another study conducted at Bar-Ilan University examined the effect of expectations on success in the course and found that people who were more skeptical at the beginning of the class were able to reach the same results as those who came with more believers. It seems that during the course, there was a change in the expectations of the skeptics in such a way that there was no difference between the two groups.

He received a prize from the International Silva Foundation for his research work. In 1995, together with Tania Liberman, he wrote the book “Stop the Stress” which became a bestseller.

Meira Mincha


Certified Silva Method Instructor

She studied psychology and special education.

Silva instructor since 1995. Instructs and teaches courses for children and youth’ and also the basic course for adults.

Specializes in finding the delaying factors and restrictive beliefs, in sharpening the picture of the desired situation.