Dr. Bimol Rakshit


Director of India


Certified Silva Method Instructor


Certified Silva Success Coach

The pioneer of SILVA in India is Dr Bimol, who is solely responsible for introducing SILVA to India. Dr Bimol is a qualified psychorientologist and trained in the subject directly under the creator of SILVA, Jose Silva himself. With Jose Silva, Dr Bimol even participated in research into the science of Psychorientology.

Dr Bimol is also a multi award winning world renowned lecturer and author of countless articles and publications on the subject of mind training and personal development. He is also the recipient of several distinguished awards including the Seva Ratna award (2000), Siromani Award for Alternative Medicine (2001) and the Rashtra Ratna award (2003).

He has been responsible for training many thousands of people over the course of almost two decades, and has been recognized for his many efforts to assist in humanitarian causes by notable and respected authorities including the Times of India, and has been featured in Zee National documentaries based on his life and his work.

(+91) 9820050422