Richard Deslauriers

Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI)

Richard was born in the Gatineau area of Québec, Canada. He studied electronics in college. His first career was in telecommunications where he did product development. He also had the pleasure to train many technicians and engineers in his area of expertise. He at a very young age, took great pleasure in explaining and "teaching" his friends about different things.

In 1988, he attended a presentation called - Introduction to the Silva Method. Since that day, he just knew it was what he wanted and needed in his life. He completed the BLS seminar and has been using the techniques daily since then. He has been organizing Silva Graduate Meetings for 11 years prior to becoming a Certified Silva Method Instructor in 2004.

His vision is to teach the Silva Method seminars to help adults reach their goals and have the life they want. By offering workshops, graduate meetings and personal coaching his intention is to get the Silva graduates to integrate the Silva techniques faster and to have them take action to materialize their dreams quickly. Helping people expand their Imagination.

This Method is all about helping you get what you want.

Please join us.

You can call me toll free in Québec at 1-855-903-5821, I will be happy to meet you

Tuition Fee:
575$ - 2 days Silva Life System
525$ - current promotion
50$ - repeaters

575$ - 2 days Silva Intuition System
525$ - current promotion
50$ - repeaters

nb: additional discounts may apply when prospects pre-pay 1 month prior to the seminar

nb: I take 3 days to present the Silva Intuition System as I leave 2 weeks of practice time using holoviewing before presenting the last segment
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