Since 2004, over 21,070 people have used our home training programs. Everyone, from celebrities to high-flying professionals to everyday people in search of a breakthrough life have used the Silva Method. We regularly collaborate with some of the world’s most respected doctors and scientists. Our teachings are also practiced and endorsed by leading proponents of mind and human development. Some of whom began there journeys and careers with us. We are known to as the modern dynamic meditations system that is the source of today’s personal growth movement in the world. Whether you’re looking to begin your Silva journey, activate your natural healing ability or awaken your intuitive senses, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Silva UltraMind System

Are you looking for a solution to a stubborn challenge or uncertainty?

A way to more quickly manifest a personal or professional goal?

Or perhaps you crave greater alignment with your most authentic purpose and potential?

The answer, as you’re about to discover, is in accessing altered states of consciousness that everyone is born with – but few know how to access at will.

This priceless skill is what you gain through The Silva Method: one of the most acclaimed, enduring, and scientifically proven approaches to mind empowerment on the planet.

Start Your Silva Journey With A Live Event Experience

Choose A Conscious Way Of Life
Across the world, people are moving towards a more conscious way of living. They are ready to fulfill their potential, to overcome financial, career, and health challenges. They are ready to live a harmonious and productive life.

Human Intuition Is A Trainable Skill

With The Right Process, You Can Once Again Recover Your Intuitive Senses.
Intuition is more than trainable. It’s a natural skill! We’re all born with it—but, like any skill, it has to be developed and practiced – or it doesn’t stick.

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