It’s not only about being patient in life, but your attitude while you wait that counts.

When we meet someone that is patient they radiate inner calm. It enables people who are around them to become relaxed and stress-free as well. They understand that everyone has their own qualities and allow time for their talents to come through. Being patient teaches us that we have to consider other people too. Compromise is part of life, so we have to consider others’ needs.

Reasons why patience rocks:

  • Helps you avoid impulsive decisions
  • Helps you reflect on your own urges
  • Helps you control feelings of greed and selfishness
  • Helps you embrace every experience and moment in life
  • Helps remind you that you are not always in control
  • Helps teach you self-control
  • Teaches you humility
  • Teaches you that you can’t always have what you want