The other day Laura started telling us the story of how she met her husband. I told her she absolutely had to share it with you guys!

Laura got to a point in her life where she had become the person she aspired to be; a person she loved, admired, appreciated and respected. Everything in her life was in order at the moment so she felt ready to find her soulmate.

Her father, Dr. Silva, advised her to meditate at night, before going to sleep and whenever she had woken up, for her to connect with the Universal Source Energy and ask for help.

When she woke up in the middle of the night, Laura connected with USE by counting backwards from 10 to 1 saying, “I am going to begin programming to attract my perfect partner. I am hoping to meet him within (State anywhere from 1-6 months). “I am healthy in spirit, mind, body, and emotions and I am ready and eager to meet him. I promise to be fully committed to our relationship and be a perfect partner as well. I am requesting your assistance in finding my perfect partner for you know exactly who he is. Thank you for your help.”

The following night she entered deep meditation again and mentally said, “I will awaken when my perfect partner is most receptive for me to make contact with him.” She went back to sleep and when she woke up she mentally said: “I am going to count from 10-1. By the time I reach the count of one, I will have attuned myself to my perfect partner.” She meditated this while visualizing herself zoning in on her perfect partner.

Once she finished the countdown, she took a deep breath and introduced herself to her partner. She told him all kinds of things about herself, including her interests, about her families, her hobbies, etc. She told him how much she was looking forward to meeting him. She also mentioned where she likes to hang out. (It will help in order to attract him to one of those places)

She did these meditations every third night for a few months. Shortly after Laura stopped, a friend mentioned that there was someone who wanted to meet her. At first she was hesitant but her friend insisted so she said yes. Laura and this person talked for a month on the phone and finally they agreed to go on a date. She canceled the date twice due to unexpected company. Right away Laura regretted it, thinking it was the biggest mistake of her life.

She called him back and asked him on a date. It was love at first sight and they have been happily married ever since. Laura truly found her soulmate!

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