Silva Mind Body Healing is about learning to use your ESP to detect more information, because when you have more information, you can make better decisions. The best part is that you can obtain information, guidance, and help from higher intelligence, which can really put you in a better position to make the best possible decisions. This is called intuitive healing.

Not only that, Silva Mind Body Healing can also help you control your food intake, manage your exercise routine, achieve your ideal weight, and maintain your energy level.

It is not like other programs that are designed to help you “get what you want.”  My father,  Jose Silva recognized long ago – probably as far back as the early 1950s – that we were sent here to planet earth, for a reason. He understood that we all have a purpose, and that we need to learn what our purpose is and then fulfill our mission.

We’re not here just to get things for ourselves, which is obvious when you study both successful and unsuccessful people. This is why we have to make sure that whatever we are programming for will benefit “at least two or more people.” That’s one of the guiding principles of the Silva Method. We should gain helping other people gain, not gain at other people’s loss. The more people who benefit, the more help we will get from higher intelligence.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to reduce and achieve your ideal weight:

  1. More benefits = greater desire.
  2. Enter your level and think about all of the benefits of reducing your weight and keeping it at the right level. There are many benefits to you: You will look better, feel better, be healthier.

Whey are those things important… not just to you, but to you and at least one other person? Here are some possible reasons:

  • Do it for your loved one. They want you to be with them for a long time, not die an early death because you are overweight and unhealthy.
  • Think of the ways that you can help your loved ones by being healthier. You can give them guidance from your own life experiences. You can love them, and support them, in their efforts to fulfill their mission. You can inspire them by your example.
  • It is important to go beyond your own family when you think of people who will benefit. Even animals take care of their own immediate family members. Human beings also care about other human beings.
  • The more people you can think of who will benefit, and the more ways your success will benefit them, the better. When you are healthier and have more energy, you can accomplish more things – you can do more to improve conditions on the planet.
  • Fulfilling your mission.

At level, you can come up with many people that you can help, and many ways to help them.

Then… when you are doing all that you can – and are looking for even more ways – to fulfill your mission and improve conditions on planet earth, as higher intelligence sent you here to do, you will get all the help and guidance you need from higher intelligence.

It is a new way of thinking. Not everybody will understand it in the beginning. Those who do understand it, will be able to use the techniques in our MentalVideo Technique – to obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to do whatever needs to be done, and more.

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team