Meyrick/Betty DSylva

Certified Silva Success Coach (CSSC)
Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI)

“The Silva Dream Team™”
Serving Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa and Mississauga
Betty Anna D’Sylva, B.Sc. (HONS), B.Ed., CSMI, M.Ht. RAC (CAN)
Meyrick D’Sylva AACI, CSMI, CSSC, DTM, M.Ht.

Betty D’Sylva is a Certified Silva Instructor, a Certified Master Practitioner of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy TM, and Hypnotherapy,
She coaches Business Professionals and is also a Certified Instructor for Accelerated Learning Techniques.

She specializes in transforming individuals, which also involves one-on-one therapy to eliminate Negative Beliefs and Emotions, for both students and adults alike, thus helping them to transform their lives towards Successful Living and becoming Champions.

Betty has 30+ years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, having worked for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals/Pfizer Canada (world’s largest Pharmaceutical Company) as a Director of Regulatory Affairs.

She became a Certified Silva Instructor, so that she could teach these techniques to professionals enabling them to use them in their business and personal lives.

Meyrick D’Sylva is the only Certified Silva Instructor/Coach worldwide, who is also a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time- Line Therapy TM, Hypnotherapy and is Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consultant, that also includes the “Secret” and the Law of Attraction.

Meyrick specializes in removal of phobias and all types of fears like:
Fear of Public speaking, heights, snakes, flying, agoraphobia etc. from various clients, on a one-on-one basis, using the powerful Time Line Therapy TM

Betty and Meyrick are proud to be known as:
“The Silva Dream Team™”
Because Life’s a Dream
Telephone: (905) 764-9508
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Classes presented in person
Location Date Class Language Details
ONTARIO, TORONTO Aug 23 to Aug 24, 2014 Silva Life System ENGLISH read more
ONTARIO, TORONTO Sep 20 to Sep 21, 2014 Silva Life System ENGLISH read more
ONTARIO, TORONTO Oct 18 to Oct 19, 2014 Silva Life System ENGLISH read more
ONTARIO, OTTAWA Oct 25 to Oct 26, 2014 Silva Life System ENGLISH read more
ONTARIO, TORONTO Nov 08 to Nov 09, 2014 Silva Life System ENGLISH read more